International Career Workshop

by The Career Guide 

Discover the key information you need to know to start, build, and manage an international career — including how to develop your skills and expertise, find job opportunities, and take ownership over your career as a whole.

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What you will get after the workshop

Insider Information

Know who the main international organizations are, how to locate their offices, departments, and missions.

Better Understanding

Understand if you want to work in the HQ or a field office, and know how to identify new international job openings.

Crucial Guidance

Be guided in knowing why the international market is so competitive and how long the hiring process take

Are you interested in an international career?

It's a perfect idea: study international relations or security studies, finish your degree and then work in a European country and live abroad. It's a terrific idea, only if you know how to land the job.

Tell me how

Or perhaps you're a transitioning military officer exploring a new career

Maybe you’re preparing to take off the uniform but are still uncertain where your expertise could fit in the civilian workplace. You know you are qualified but are struggling to find the work that matches your needs.

Find out the next step

The problem is that the international system is complex

It's not just the job openings and the application process, but there's frustration when you don't understand the hiring process, contracts, or have the slightest idea about how to manage an international career.

There is so little advice for people like you who want an international career. And regular career advice just doesn't fit this problem. You've already heard about resumes and internships. How do you get ahead? How do you find answers?

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The guidance and insider information you wish you had is here 

Enroll in The International Career Course to get:

  • Insider information and insights about the international community
  • Walkthrough sessions for how to do a job search
  • Techniques on researching about international organizations
  • Tips and advice on career management and writing a job description 
  • An insider view on how to get the first position and where to look

Kickstart your international career and enroll in the full course!

You're now a step closer to the roadmap you need to define the international career you really want to create. Let us guide you in finding job opportunities and position yourself as a great candidate to hire.

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