Energy Security and the Problem With Renewable Energy with Andy Chastain

Season #1

What is energy security? In this conversation with Ameren Project Manager, Andy Chastain, he shares with us his knowledge of the subject and what exactly it means. With his background and more than a decade of electrical utility experience, Andy helps us answer some questions surrounding green technologies, renewable energy, and how we can integrate renewable energy into the grid systems. It also highlights the importance of having a long-term strategy, changing the messaging, and understanding the people and their needs to have an effective strategy with better results in the process.

Episode Highlights
[01:40] Renewable energy and Andy's thoughts on what it means to have energy security

[04:45] The usual timeframe when it comes to finishing projects and making significant changes

[07:41] The state of infrastructure and energy infrastructure

[12:09] On meeting guidelines and why it's difficult for grid operators and utilities to meet them

[17:39] The utilities’ response to demand level, including discussions on net metering

[19:24] Long-term strategy and the problem with decentralizing the power grid

[23:59] On why we need to have a long-term grid strategy that focuses on reliability then resiliency, adjusts the messaging, and understands the consumers

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This podcast is brought to you in partnership between Capacity Building International (CBI) and The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS).