Challenges in Sustainable Urban and Transport Planning with Dana Hoffman

Season #2

Is sustainable transport merely a fancy phrase to describe an elusive future without traffic? City and transportation planning professional Dana Hoffman tells us otherwise, as she helps enable more sustainable modes of transport in Denver. Integrating sustainability into urban life is challenging but the trade-off is highly beneficial: having pedestrian-centric roads, safer bike lanes, and more resilient infrastructure. Moving the needle on progress and innovation will take time but Dana offers insights into what we can do to drive solutions in action.

Dana Hoffman’s work is centered on sustainable transportation, infrastructure planning, hazard and climate change mitigation, and adaptation strategies. Dana has 11 years of experience working with local governments on long-range plans to achieve a more sustainably developed future. She is focused on climate impact and making our cities more livable, equitable, and environmentally resilient through smart land use and transportation plans and policies.

Show Highlights

[00:02:48] How Dana’s work is paving the way for sustainable transportation in Denver

[00:06:28] What Dana says are the challenges in integrating sustainability into urban planning

[00:09:41] What Dana thinks are the necessary changes to achieve traffic-free transportation

[00:12:24] Why Dana believes new technology is not always the answer to advancing sustainable and innovative solutions

[00:17:10] What Dana thinks is the value of engaging a tragedy-stricken community in rebuilding damaged infrastructure

[00:19:52] How Dana defines the gap time in building back better and more sustainable infrastructure

[00:23:27] What Dana thinks will move the needle on implementing institutional changes to build back better

[00:25:18] What Dana sees as the challenges of urban and transportation planning in the next five years

[00:30:08] Where Dana thinks more professionals could join and contribute to the field of sustainable urban and transportation planning

[00:33:40] What Dana believes to be extremely helpful in her learning process

[00:35:25] How Dana frames ideas to cultivate openness in discussing solutions


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