Bonus Episode: Climate Security and Community Resilience: Exploring the Nexus

Season #2

This bonus podcast episode features a conversation focused on the impacts of climate change on communities around the world. Guest experts Patrick Marchman, Paul Turner, Sara Belligoni, and host Kyle King discuss the challenges associated with sustainable technology and engineering, the importance of understanding what makes communities resilient, and the need for outside-the-box thinking to address climate change. They also give insights on the challenges related to climate migration, legal frameworks to protect climate refugees, and the impacts of mass migration on political tensions and national security concerns.

Show Highlights 

[00:04:41] Challenges of climate change, managed retreat, economic realignments, vulnerability of ports and airports, and supply chain resilience. (Patrick Marchman)

[00:10:52] Climate security, migration, and changing identities. (Paul Turner)

[00:14:49] Legal frameworks to protect climate refugees and implementing adaptation measures at the local level. (Sara Belligoni)

[00:21:34] Challenges of natural hazards and climate change in emergency management, migration effects on tax bases and response capability, and mitigation and prevention. (Kyle King)

[00:22:44] Challenges of revising infrastructure in the face of climate change. (Kyle King and Patrick Marchman)

[00:26:21] Challenges of addressing climate migration, lack of legal mechanisms and resource requirements, and stressors on host communities. (Kyle King and Paul Turner)

[00:32:46] Challenges of reconciling slow migration with large-scale catastrophic humanitarian migration and need for a better framework to address these movements. (Kyle King and Sara Belligoni)

[00:37:12] Impacts of mass migration and displacement on political tensions and national security concerns related to climate migration in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. (Sara Belligoni)

[00:40:59] Impacts of climate change on communities around the world, challenges faced by Pacific Island nations and traditional farmer-herder dynamics. (Paul Turner)

[00:44:48] Challenges of reintegration after the loss of a nation state due to climate change, potential for conflict, and the role of technology and engineering. (Kyle King)

[00:47:11] Importance of sustainable design, production, and disposal of renewable and alternative sources of energy to mitigate climate change. (Sara Belligoni)

[00:50:07] Challenges associated with solar panel supply chains, geopolitical and security issues, and need for outside-the-box thinking. (Paul Turner)

[00:53:01] Importance of sustainable technology and understanding what makes communities resilient in addressing climate change. (Discussion)


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