Resilience to Relocation: Navigating Climate-Induced Migration with Sara Belligoni

Season #2

In this latest episode of the CCEM Podcast, Sara Belligoni, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rutgers University, discusses the impact of climate change on coastal communities and the challenges faced by climate migrants. She also talks about the need for interdisciplinary collaboration and practical solutions to address the complex issues surrounding climate change.

Show Highlights:

[00:02:55] How climate change affects migration, and how emergency management planning reduces its likelihood

[00:04:12] The impacts of climate-induced migration on communities, and what Sara thinks is the kind of planning necessary to avoid failing both the people and the community

[00:09:32] Why Sara believes providing a welcoming and safe environment is crucial for the integration of migrant populations, and the kind of planning is necessary to achieve this

[00:13:26] How geopolitical considerations complicate international migrations due to climate change, and how domestic migrations are viewed differently

[00:16:34] How international organizations can shape a country’s approach to climate change and migrations, and why Sara thinks local problems require different solutions

[00:20:25] The unique challenges coastal communities face in adapting to climate change, and how they become more resilient to natural disasters and sea level rise

[00:24:21] How climate change is causing massive migrations and displacement of vulnerable populations, and why there is currently no clear framework for climate refugees

[00:27:13] The impacts of climate change on communities beyond direct physical effects, and why they should be considered when discussing emergency management and community well-being

[00:32:38] What Sara thinks is the kind of approach needed to address climate change, and why there is a need to focus on practical steps and incremental changes


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