Navigating the Information Maze with Chris Kremidas-Courtney

Season #2

In this podcast episode, Kyle King interviews Chris Kremidas-Courtney, a globally recognized thought leader, on how to navigate the information maze on crisis and emergency management. The interview covers the importance of taking disinformation seriously, the difficulties of quantifying its impacts, and the need for clear communication and community engagement.

Kremidas-Courtney also emphasizes the importance of transparency and including the most critical people in the response process to gain citizen satisfaction with political decisions.

They also discuss the value of delivering a response to debunk disinformation and avoiding repeating disinformation narratives.

The podcast concludes by highlighting the role of information first responders in actively communicating with the public and combating disinformation.

Show Highlights

[20:10] How disinformation can disrupt disaster response efforts?

[20:44] What makes believable disinformation difficult to debunk?

[21:12] Revealing the secret: Who holds the key to citizen satisfaction with political decisions?

[22:01] Navigating the disinformation maze: what's the best approach to debunking disinformation without promoting false narratives?

[25:31] The missing link: What strategies are effective in countering the rapid spread of disinformation?

[29:02] Behind closed doors: What challenges hinder quantifying the impacts of disinformation?

[29:36] The untold power: How does the future of communication shape the fight against disinformation?

[31:02] What can information first responders do to combat disinformation?

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