Bonus Episode: Innovating for Resilience: A Panel on Food and Water Security

Season #2

In this podcast episode, experts Prof. William Chen, Dr. Roman Tandlich, and Dr. Ashok Swain discussed the challenges of water and food security, exploring the political, technological and educational solutions needed to tackle the problem.

Show Highlights

[00:33:24] The potential of indigenous knowledge in water management and food production, fostering collaboration between communities and scientists.

[00:36:57] Revolutionary water treatment innovations impacting food security and the urgent need for efficient water usage.

[00:40:45] Effective solutions to combat water and food scarcity through public education, technology transfer, and collaborative research.

[00:48:18] Balancing economic demands with universal access to water, recognizing it as a basic human right.

Overall, the experts stressed the need for a comprehensive, collaborative approach to water and food security, involving education, political will, technological developments, and a focus on the importance of water as a basic human right.

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Prof. William Chen

Dr. Roman Tandlich

Dr. Ashok Swain

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