Rethinking the Role of Governance in Crisis Management with Aaron Marks

Season #2

In this episode, Kyle King and Aaron Marks discuss the role of governance in emergency and crisis management, including defining resilience and preparedness, the changing environment and risk factors, and the challenges of communicating and educating the public about these issues.

Show Highlights

[04:00] How is the changing environment impacting communities and their ability to adapt?

[23:00] What role do insurance companies play in managing risk, and why is transparency and communication crucial?

[28:00] How does governance contribute to maintaining the status quo, and why is public engagement and trust essential for progress?

[34:00] What are the challenges of building cultural preparedness and community engagement, and how do they relate to trust and defining standards?

[36:00] Why is questioning and effective communication vital in governance, and what are the goals and intended outcomes of emergency and crisis management?

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