New Perspectives on Climate Resilience with Prof. Rajib Shaw

Season #2

In this podcast episode, host Kyle King sits down with Professor Rajib Shaw to discuss the intersection of climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) in Asia. Professor Shaw is a distinguished professor in the Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University in Japan, and has extensive experience in community-based disaster risk management and climate change adaptation.

Tune in to learn about the current state of climate change and DRR in Asia, including other topics like the importance of community-based approaches, collaboration between international organizations and governments to address disaster risk, and the role of technology and education in DRR efforts.


Show Highlights

[01:31] Why Prof. Shaw got into climate change adaptation and community-based disaster risk management

[05:52] The challenges of climate and non-climate disasters and their impact on income groups in Asia

[14:07] How companies can lower risks, boost awareness, and provide incentives for all stakeholders

[24:01] The importance of customizing local risks and actions in response to disasters

[25:37] Innovative DRR approaches in the Philippines and Japan

[35:24] What inclusive technology is, and the role of digital transformation in driving innovations

[40:14] “Co-learning” and the overlooked concept of knowledge-sharing in community-based DRR


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