From Conflict, to Crisis, to Emergency Management

We build resilient communities through the use of emergency management and community preparedness while blending in human capital development to create stability. Our work is focused on the intersection of international crisis, conflict, and emergency management.


"Each NATO member country needs to be resilient to resist and recover from a major shock such as a natural disaster, failure of critical infrastructure or an armed attack. Resilience is a society’s ability to resist and recover easily and quickly from such shocks and combines both civil preparedness and military capacity."


A dramatically changing environment

It used to be only fires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes that were on the threat landscape. Now we have pandemics, insurgencies, cyber attacks, and hybrid warfare. Rapid and dynamic changes that are difficult to understand and prepare for. International events can impact our own personal safety and security, once never considered an issue.

What We Do

International Program Development and Support

Provide technical and subject matter expert support in national and regional program development in the fields of civil emergency planning and resilience.

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International Cooperation and Security Assistance

Expertise in delivery of international security assistance, design, development, and security sector reform in post-conflict environments.

Our Projects

Niche Education & Training Program Development

Higher education program development to design and creation of professional development and certification programs, both in person and delivered online.

Our Courses

Why We Are Different


Capacity Building International pioneered the use of emergency services and emergency planning to create stability in post-conflict and operational environments in 1999. Since then, we have supported reconstruction, recovery, and community resilience in post-conflict areas such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. Our experience is drawn from providing support to or working in international support to organizations like the US Department of Defense, NATO, and OSCE. Today, CBI remains on the leading edge of the application of civil emergency planning and crisis management advisory, education, and training services to support international and security assistance programs.

Our Podcast 

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Global perspectives and conversations about international crisis, preparedness, and how to build more resilient societies in a challenging and ever-changing world. As the world moves to reduce the risk of global threats, we need to recognize the vulnerabilities, connectivity, and perspectives that drive instability. Just how vulnerable are we to the changing international environment? Are we more vulnerable than we think we are, and what can we learn from other societies to improve our own safety, security, and preparedness back home as we strive towards building more resilient societies? From AI to space warfare, to community development and crisis communications, there’s something for everyone. Join us for unique international conversations and perspectives into the current threats, challenges, and risks to our society. 

Our Work and Projects


Institute for Security Governance

Educational Partnerships

Partnership with a NATO Centre of Excellence

Urban Area Security Initiative

Hospital Services Consultancy

NATO Security Force Assistance (SFA) Concept Development

KSF Urban Search and Rescue Development

US Department of Defense Firefighting Certification Program (Bosnia)